These reviews and interviews have been provided from members of our mailing list (the ones with (lm)), and several magazines, some thoughtful, some not so thoughtful. Once again, don't let them make impressions for you... that's your job.


RAW Magazine, by Cathi Unsworth; December 1995.
NME Magazine, by Mark Beaumont; 7 September 1996.

Gig Reviews:

Reading Festival 1995, by Des Clark (lm), NME, and Melody Maker.
The CMJ Music Marathon, New York, by Tim Hulsizer (lm); 6 September 1995.
The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ, by David Smith (lm); 9 September 1995.
The Point, Oxford, by Greg Burton (lm); 7 April, 1996.
Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, by Ian Ware (lm); 8 April, 1996.
Fleece & Firkin, Bristol, by Matt Legge (lm); 22 July, 1996.
The Varsity, Wolverhampton, by Mike Carey (lm) and Rob Stokes (lm); 24 July 1996.
Dingwalls, London, by Anonymous (lm) and NME's Jim Alexander; 25 July 1996.
Reading Festival 1996, by Simon Morris (lm).
Vent in .dotmusic's Talent Review.
Surrey Uni, Guildford, by Ian Ware (lm); 27 October, 1996.
The Square, Harlow, by Jeff Amador (lm); 02 November, 1996.
Duchess of York, Leeds, by Simon Morris (lm); 08 November, 1996.
Hanover Grand, London, by Paul Jones (lm); 12 November, 1996.

Album/ Single Reviews:

Q Magazine (album), by Steve Malins; September 1996.
The Stourbridge Chronicle (album); October 1996.
Melody Maker (Fixer); 10 September 1996.
Album Reviews from our listmembers; October 1996.
Fixer/ Life Before You Reviews from our listmembers; November 1996.
Russ Hunt takes a look at the newest demos; March 1997.